Welcome To Engine Facts

Thank you for taking the time to visit Engine Facts.com. This site IS a work in progress and we are constantly updating the engine information and specs on a weekly basis. If you find a dead link in the site for a particular engine that you are looking for then that means that we are working on the page for the site and most likely you will see it in a week or two. So if you do not find what you are looking for now then just check back in a few weeks and the information you need should be available.

Engine Facts.com gives only general information about car engines. We do not get into detailed information about engine tolerances, spark plug gaps and modifications. This site is for individuals who want to learn general information about engines and not for people who are looking for highly technical information or ways to increase performance in their cars.

We also have plans in the future to expand Engine Facts.com to include specs and information for foreign engines including Japanese and European automakers. We at Engine Facts.com are really excited about bringing people a site that combines interesting information about all the engines you love with the technical specs that give you the info you want without the boring stuff you don’t. Hope you enjoy the site!

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