Ford 226 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

The 226 flathead that was introduced in 1941 was the first successful attempt by Ford to produce a reliable six-cylinder engine. The only other attempt before that was in 1906 when the Ford model K was introduced with a six-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, the model K was a disaster in quality control and the engine along with the car was shelved by 1907.

By 1941 Ford had gotten it right with the 226 flathead and because of that sales flourished. Like the Dodge 230 and the Chevy 235 six cylinders, the Ford 226 was reliable and extremely easy to work on if needed. In the last four years of its production, the 226 put out an impressive 95 horsepower and 175 pounds of torque. By 1951 it was time for Ford to move on and the end of the 226 six cylinder arrived. Today there are quite a few car enthusiasts that like the 226 flathead. It is now possible to buy dual carb setups for these engines and many people are using custom header setups to get the same sound that the Ford 8 cylinder flatheads produce. Supposedly Kansas Kustom does a good job at splitting exhaust manifolds for the 226 that will help in creating a much better sound from the exhaust.

Engine Specifications

1941 - 1947 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 90 @ 3300 rpm
Max Torque: 175 @ 1200 rpm
Stroke: 4.4
Bore: 3.3
Compression: 6.7
Firing Order: 153624

1948 - 1951 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 95 @ 3300 rpm
Max Torque: 180 @ 1300 rpm
Stroke: 4.4
Bore: 3.3
Compression: 6.8
Firing Order: 153624
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