Ford 221 Windsor V8

The Ford 221 Windsor was the first Ford engine to replace its popular Y-block series beginning in 1962. The 221 was used mostly for the 1962 and 1963 Ford Fairlane and Mercury Meteor models. It was part of the Windsor series that was named after the Windsor, Ontario, Canada plant in which they were produced.

The 221 Windsor was an extremely light engine weighing in at only 450 lbs which definitely was a positive point for racing enthusiasts but not impressive enough in design to provide any great performance. The 221 Windsor was discontinued prior to 1964 to make way for the Ford 260 Windsor.

Engine Specifications

1962-1963 Ford 221 Windsor with 2-Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 145 @ 4400 rpm
Max Torque: 216 @ 2200 rpm
Stroke: 2.87
Bore: 3.5
Compression: 8.7
Firing Order: 15426378
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