Most Recent Barn Finds

Below are barn finds that patrons of the website send from time to time. We provide the images and GPS coordinates of where these vehicles are located. Any other due diligence, communication with the owners of these vehicles, or information other than what is posted here is up to the interested party or individual. We have NO WAY of knowing if these vehicles are for sale or not or if they will still be available in the future. DO NOT trespass on private property without permission in any manner.

55 Chevrolet 2 Door

Engine Size: Unknown

Transmission: Unknown

GPS Location Coordinates: Latitude: 36.3430179, Longitude: -80.9260756

Last Seen: 1-11-2019


55 Chevy Barn

55 chevy blue

55 chevy back

55 Chevrolet 2 Door

Engine Size: 265

Transmission: Manual

GPS Location Coordinates: Latitude: 35.554463, Longitude: -80.802190

Last Seen: 1-3-2019


55 chevy front


55 chevy back

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